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Chocolate hampers and kids

If your child receives a chocolate hamper as a gift much effort will be required to make sure that he or she does not overindulge. Kids if left to their own devices will eat most of the chocolate and will pay dearly for the privilege because they will become overactive and sick in that order. Agree a plan with the child and not only will the hamper last a lot longer but the enjoyment of it will be greater. Chocolate in small quantities is good for you. It contains nutrition and the milk content provides the calcium needed daily. It is recommended that only 2 or 3 ounces of chocolate per day be eaten so assess the contents of kid’s chocolate hampers and act accordingly.

Be careful with because not only will all the candies be chocolate covered but even the drinks will be of chocolate origin. Chocolate milk drinks are often added to a hamper of chocolates. If you are making themed hampers such as a chocolate ones then I suggest that you be crafty and includes non edible items too. This can be done easily without diminishing the chocolate aspect of the hamper.

Non edible chocolate items that can be added to the chocolate hamper

Chocolate clothing, not clothing made from chocolate but clothes (Tee-shirts, socks) that have a chocolate related logo or are stamped with ‘I Love Chocolate’ or ‘Chocolate Forever’ are ideal additions for the hamper. Chocolate colored pens and pencils (pencil cases too) can all be added. Diaries are good too and they can be white or brown in color perhaps with a chocolate motif on the pages. Adding these items reduces the actual chocolate in the hamper (which is healthier for kids) without taking away from the ‘chocolatey’ feel of the hamper. Make the receiving of chocolate hampers an enjoyable experience for kids.

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