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Space Wolves And The Wolf Guard: Powerful Additions To Any Squad

Elite units, with heavy armor and great strength, are a standard feature of most Warhammer 40K armies, and the Space Wolves are certainly no exception. The elite soldiers of the Space Wolves, who fill so many different roles in their army, are known as the Wolf Guard. The versatility of these units is hard to overstate. They have the ability to be pack leaders, they can provide a bit of extra power in a melee, or they can form themselves into power squads. With these abilities you can perform tasks as varied as leading squads of Blood Claws or Grey Hunters, arming them with deadly weapons such as the frost blade, or guarding a Wolf Lord or Priest.

One great feature of the Wolf Guard is that you can add a leadership boost to any Warhammer 40k Space Wolves unit by inserting one. There are various benefits to this, but it is essentially analogous to having a Commander leading greener troops into battle. The extra expertise adds a lot of confidence and competence to the squad and reduces the likelihood of them fleeing in the face of danger.

Although the 40k Space Wolves are legendary in their abilities in close combat, it is not impossible to defeat them; they are by no means invincible. If you do find yourself in a sticky spot, calling up the Wolf Guard in charge can get you out of it, especially if you have him suitably armed with power fists or frost weapons. The Wolf Guard cannot be targeted by the enemy as he is not counted as a character.

In the whole game of Warhammer 40K, the Wolf Guard form some of the strongest units available. There are so many different weapons available to the Space Wolves that their melee-based squads are supremely competent and dangerous. Not taking full advantage of the Wolf Guard is a sure way to lose; there are so many advantages to be had that all experienced players make full use of them whenever possible.

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