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Understanding the Proper Quinoa Cooking Time

If you are new to eating quinoa, you may have questions about the proper quinoa cooking time. Since there are so many different methods of cooking quinoa, it can be quite easy for people to get confused. To make things even more challenging is the fact that there are many different types of quinoa. Un-rinsed quinoa that is bought from bulk bins is going to perform slightly differently than quinoa that has been pre-rinsed and packaged. Additionally, red quinoa will take slightly longer cooking times and can also require higher heat. One thing you should keep in mind is that just about all quinoa recipes are written with white quinoa in mind. Here are some basic quinoa cooking guidelines.

Red Quinoa – As a general rule, red quinoa will require you to cook it at least 20% longer than white quinoa will. You will also want to use a slightly higher temperature. As an example, on my stove top a simmer is at “2”. I cook red quinoa on “3”.

Stove Top Cooking – 1:2 ratio The most common method of preparing quinoa is to use twice as much cooking liquid as you use quinoa. Bring it to a boil on the stove top, and then reduce the heat to medium low. Allow your quinoa to cook with the lid on for about 18 minutes.

1:1 Stove Top Method– This method is best suite for white quinoa. You will not use as much liquid and you will also use a lower temperature. Bring the the same amount of quinoa as liquid to a simmer and then reduce the heat to low. Cook covered for between 35 and 40 minutes.

Stove Top Steaming – Using this method, you boil the quinoa for ten minutes and remove it from heat. Rinse it in a metal strainer and then place it over a fresh pot of boiling water and steam for 10 minutes.

Regardless of how you decide to cook your quinoa, there are many great ways that you can serve it.  Try making a quinoa salad, or adding in the quinoa to your favorite soup recipe.  Another great way to enjoy quinoa is to mix it into your favorite stir fry recipes.

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McDonalds or McChildren

If you are a mom and your children are grown ups, you may still wonder from time to time what are they eating? Are they eating healthy, nutritious meals or they just run every night to McDonalds to have a Happy Meal? Let’s pretend that the last sentence is true.Isn’t it true that you have doubts about McDonalds food and if you could still have control of your children lives, you would forbid them to eat there? If you are a mom and you think this way, it is nothing to be shamed of. I think at some point everyone thought that McDonald’s food is too tasty to be healthy. But what if I could prove you wrong? What if I could explain exactly what the food contain,will you give McDonald’s a chance?

Let’s begin by saying that nowadays, almost every food product that you find on the market is somehow ruined by special additives that make the product more beautiful but dangerous for our body. So, in the century where, even bread is not natural, do we eat to live or have reached a point in which we live to eat? Taking into consideration how delicious the McDonalds food tastes,the second variant would be a proper one. These worries maybe would have been valid if everything that we ate was natural, but, if almost all things are chemicals, wouldn’t you like to love the food you eat? That is the whole idea that brought McDonald’s to life. Yes, they do add some flavors, maybe chemicals, but the portion of this ingredients is minimal and the taste they have obtained is incomparable with anything on the market. So, stop worrying and enjoy the new released McDonalds coffee,made specially for moms like you.

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KFC Equals Chicken?

If you’re having a rough day and the last thing on your mind is having to cook for your lunch break tomorrow, you may want to consider KFC to fill in for you. Because it is specially made for business people, who, just like you, do not have the time to cook and prepare meals, KFC has improved its menu and added extra elements beside the chicken and its specialites.

If we take a look for a moment on the KFC menu we will not only see the CHICKEN menu, that was in the beginning. Nowadays, KFC has all kind of foods, for everyone. If you like salads and you want to eat healthy and keep in shape, KFC is your choice with some special salads and their dressings. Maybe you could enjoy from time to time a sandwich or plated meals. Plated meals are cooked just like homestyle, so you can have the satisfaction of a cooked meal. Of course, the desserts must be present in every place that serves food. Why should KFC be the exception from that rule? The chocolate chip cake, the apple pies or the delicious spoonfuls complete the variety of the menu provided by KFC.

Also,being a very tough time during this economical crisis, KFC came up with something called the”Lunch Box”. This lunch box contains chicken with fries that you can have for lunch but at a special price,so you can still enjoy eating during the crisis. And if you’re not convinced yet, please treat yourself today with something on the menu that I described. I promise you will not be disappointed, moreover, you will recommand others to eat there, even if they, just like you once, thought that at KFC you could only eat…well, chicken, so prove me wrong and enjoy your KFC.

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