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About Western Saddles

Those initiating the search for the correct saddle for their use and needs, who may be relatively new to this experience, are going to find a wide variety of styles and selections might be considered. This applies not only to the different types such as English or western to name two of the most popular, but also to varieties within each category. For instance, if anyone thinks they will look at a western saddle, see one, and from that make a decision, they should think again. As is quickly learned, within this designation are numerous choices based on specific requirements and expected primary usages.

What today falls under the broad category called western saddles, can trace its roots back to the Moors and also the early Spanish adventurers who came to the West centuries ago. Over the years since then, constant efforts have been offered to continue to improve it wherever possible. Part of the reason there are so many variations available today, designed to meet any and all conditions, can be directly attributed to this. The one overriding similarity they all encompass is that they are designed with the thought that the user will be in it all day, and every effort must be extended to attempt to provide as much comfort and safety as is possible.

The basic concept behind all western saddles is what is commonly known as a tree. From this tree evolves the core shape and design that will vary somewhat according to any person’s particular needs and expectations. This is why it is critical that the person seeking to purchase one, takes the time and extends the effort to determine what the primary usage is going to be, as well as other factors such as the primary type of terrain it will be used over and the basic demands that will be placed upon it. Obviously, this is not an exact science and there is certainly room for any variables that will pop up, but making decisions based on the best readily available information, will ensure the best one is arrived at. Learn more about Equestrian horse saddles or Pessoa Gen X saddle.


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Selecting The Right Bow

Archery is a fun sport that many people enjoy. It helps with hand and eye coordination, muscle development in the upper body, and also requires discipline. Finding the right bow will allow an archer to get the most out of this sport.

While the design of a bow may vary, they all have the same basic fundamental workings. The structural part of the bow is divided into two parts, there are the upper limb lower limbs. One holds onto the grip, which is shaped for the hand to have a strong hold on the bow. Just above the grip are the arrow rest and the sight window. The arrow sits against the arrow rest while the archer aims through the sight window. The string holds the tension. The nocking point is where the end of an arrow rests while the string is being drawn.

There are three different bow variations. One is a traditional longbow. In addition, there is the recurve bow and the compound bow. These different designs all have different attributes.

When most people think of archery, they picture a long, streamlined bow made out of wood. This is a traditional longbow. The design has been around since the combative medieval era. A longbow will be slightly shorter than the person yielding it. These bows are made for shooting at long distances. However, because loading the arrows and drawing may take more time, they make better target bows than hunting weapons.

A recurve bow is similar to the longbow, though there are some differences. The shape of this bow is very unique. The upper and lower limbs of the bow are curved inward and then away from the archer. This allows for more power with a smaller weapon. They are also much lighter than the longbow. These bows are excellent for target shooting.

Compound bows are the main choice for hunters. These bows have a pulley system in place.  The pulleys take up some of the tension and resistance when drawing back the string. This means less strength is required, and one will have more stability when aiming.  For good aiming ability, you might want to try a reflex compound bow and specifically,  a Mathews compound bow.

When choosing a bow, one must decide what the bow will be used for. One can practice archery with targets, or use a bow for hunting purposes. Find the right bow today!

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The Differences between Baseball Gloves

It has been close to 150 years since baseball players played the grand old game without baseball gloves.  They played with their bare hands.  However, in the modern era it is a must to wear to wear baseball gloves.  When you have the likes of ace pitchers like Roy Halladay throwing 90+ mph fastballs at you or fielding sizzling line drives off the bat of Alex Rodriguez it is necessary to wear baseball gloves.

With advancing technology, baseball gloves have come a long way from their early days.  The first baseball glove used in a game didn’t have the webbing or the padding like we see today.  It was a small and thin, similar to that of a winter glove.  Players used the gloves not to catch the ball, but to knock them down to ground.  At first it took a while to gain popularity, but it wasn’t until after Albert Spalding started up his first sporting goods store that baseball gloves started to become popular.  To this date Spalding is still manufacturing baseball gloves. 

In 1920 it was suggested to add webbing to the baseball glove, which then created a pocket.  This was the origin of the modern day baseball glove.  With technological advances the webbing of the gloves got bigger, changed patterns, gloves got bigger and had more padding.  The material also changed and is now leather.  The leather on new gloves is usually stiff, which requires you to break in the baseball glove.

There are different types, colours and designs of baseball gloves.  Some have been sponsored by players and are stamped with their signature.  Baseball gloves have been made for all positions ranging from catcher, to infielder to outfielders.

When looking at catcher’s gloves they have the most padding of all baseball gloves.  They don’t have any fingers, they just have lots of padding.  This is because they will be catching 90+ mph fastballs and foul tips at such close range.  Catchers who catch knuckle ball pitchers wear larger catcher’s gloves to handle the movement from the knuckle ball.

A first basemen’s glove is similar to a catcher’s glove where it doesn’t have fingers, but it does not have as much padding.  The glove is typically long and wide to help catch good and bad throws from other players. 

An infielder’s glove tends to be smaller and have shallow pockets.  Most infielders break in the baseball glove so that the pocket is shaped like a bowl.  What this does is allow the infielder to reach in and get the ball out of the glove faster.  The webbing in infielder’s gloves tends to have larger gaps to allow dirt from the playing surface to pass through easier.

A pitcher’s glove usually doesn’t have large gaps in the webbing.  This allows the pitcher to conceal their grip on the baseball.  In a heavily competitive game teams look for any advantage to get ahead. 

Outfielder’s baseball gloves are usually the longest glove and do not have a pocket.  The player will break in the baseball glove so that the glove is flat.  The reason is that the outfielder wants the glove to be as long as possible to help catch balls that are going over their head or to scoop up balls rolling in the outfield.  The less they have to bend the faster they can get up and throw the ball back into the infield. 

The evolution of the baseball glove has come a long way from its days as a winter glove to the oversized leather gloves we see today.  Hopefully this post will come in handy when you are looking for your next baseball glove.  When you do find that new glove, check out Breaking in a Baseball Glove to get some tips on how to break your glove in faster so you can use it right away.

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Difference between Wood and Aluminum Baseball Bats

Since the 1970’s baseball players and critics have been asking what is the difference between wood and aluminum bats?  They want to know which is better.  Well anyone who has used both an aluminum and a wooden bat can tell you that aluminum is better.  Baseballs fly off aluminum bats faster than wooden ones.  Every year aluminum bats are re-designed to have a wider sweet spot, more power, better feel and higher performance.  One of the differences between aluminum and wooden bats is that the barrel of an aluminum bat is hollow.  The distribution of mass along the length of a metal bat is considerably different than it is for a solid wood one.  The difference is found in the location of the center of mass (CM), aka the balance point.  The closer the balance point to the handle of the bat, the easier it is to swing.

When a baseball hits a wood bat, it is compressed to nearly half its original diameter, losing up to 75% of its initial energy to internal friction forces during this compression.  With a metal bat, which is hollow, when the baseball hits the barrel it compresses like a spring.  This means that the ball is not compressed as much and therefore loses less energy to internal friction forces.   Metal bats have larger sweet spots.  The sweet spot is the part of the bat where the ball flies off faster, but also reduces the amount of shock or vibration on the handle. 

It is for this reason why metal bats are used in little leagues.  It allows the children of all abilities a better chance to hit the ball.  However, if a player uses a metal bat for too long and progresses to a pro level it could hinder them when they need use a wooden bat.  A recommended way to avoid this from happening would be to use a wooden bat in batting practice, then use the aluminum bat during the game. 

It has also been debated to re-introduce wooden bats in the college ranks.  Partly to help avoid the players becoming to dependent on the success found with aluminum bats.  But also because as players are stronger than before, the speed in which the ball comes off an aluminum bat is faster and faster.  It makes it more dangerous for pitchers and infielders.  However, this debate could go on for a very long time.  Now you know the differences between an aluminum and wood bat so you can use this to help with the decision of which bat to use.

To read more about baseball equipment please check out Breaking in a Baseball Glove.  It will give you tips on how to break in a baseball glove quickly.  It speaks about different products and techniques to use.

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Can England or Spain win the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

With a week to go before the FIFA World Cup begins, many have asked if England or Spain can win the World Cup.  Some have wondered if England can turn around their bad luck of recent years.  Others have asked if Spain’s injury woes are behind them.  How will England do under their new manager?  There are so many questions.  The anticipation is overwhelming. 

Let’s take a look at the England and Spanish squad.  Both are very talented, but in most opinions going in opposite directions.  England has not won the World Cup since they hosted the tournament in 1966.  Some have felt that England made a deal with the devil to win the tournament on home soil.  In recent years they have suffered heartbreaking defeats.  Early exits; outscored in penalty kicks.  For a country steeped in football tradition – some feeling that England invented football – the majestic kingdom has been waiting too long for the cup to return to England.

Today England’s squad is star studded featuring the likes of Steven Gerrard, Wayne Rooney, John Terry and Frank Lampard.  They have had star power before with the likes of David Beckham, but still haven’t been able to win the tournament.  If you break the team down, England is solid in defence and at mid-field.  Unfortunately, once you get past Wayne Rooney, England is thin at the striker position.  Backing up Rooney will be Peter Crouch, Jermain Defoe and Emile Heskey.  Crouch and Defoe play for Tottenham, while Heskey plays for Aston Villa.  Tottenham just made it into the top 4 of the English Premier League, but according to many critics they were extremely fortunate.  They would normally be a 6th or 7th place team along with Aston Villa.  It is hard for a national team to be successful when they do not have a lot star power or explosive players up front.  England will need to rely heavily on Rooney to lead the squad.  Should anything happen to Rooney England’s hopes of winning the World Cup will go from fair to dismal.  So it is not looking good for England to win the 2010 World Cup.

Now if you take a look at the Spanish squad.  As the reigning 2008 Euro Champions there are high expectations for the Spain.  They have an extremely talented squad, however, two of their top players are coming off injuries.  Fernando Torres is coming off knee surgery in April.  It not only hampered Liverpool’s hopes of clawing back into fourth in the English Premiere League, but it made many Spanish supporters nervous about the World Cup.  Without Torres many were in doubt on whether Spain could win the World Cup.  Then on top of Torres’ injury, Cesc Fabregas suffered a leg fracture in a Champions League clash with  Barcelona.  Fabregas has returned from the leg fracture.  He will have one tune up game prior to the start of the World Cup.  Many Spanish supporters are hoping that both players will start in the opening fixture of the World Cup against Switzerland on June 16th.  But the question everyone is asking is whether they will be game ready.  It’s one thing to train, but it is another thing to be game fit.  However, even without Torres and Fabregas, Spain still has a much more talented squad than England.  With other talented players like striker David Villa and mid-fielder Xabi Alonso, Spain still has other top notch players to keep the hopes of a country facing financial disappointment high. 

Every game of the FIFA World Cup is expected to be exciting.  It has been 4 years since Italy raised the golden trophy.  It seems like a lifetime ago.  But this years tournament will be well worth the wait.  We won’t have long to wait for the answer to English and Spanish supporters questions.  Will England or Spain win the World Cup?  We all will have a great time watching.  Let the games begin!

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