How To Make Your Wool Area Rugs Last Long

If you just bought your wool area rugs which is genuine and made from 100% wool, you might have spent a lot on it. This holds true if you have not just bought one but a lot to cover up all areas where you desire it to have. Now, since you have invested a lot on these rugs, you have to make sure that by the end of the month, they won’t be useless due to damages caused by your or any of your family members. In order to make it last long, here are some tips for you;

  • Take time to do some vacuum from time to time. This will ensure that no dust particles accumulate that much to make the rug not safe for use. It will also help keep the rug look new always.
  • Never stomp your shoes to remove dirt or dust from these rugs. They are better off as home decors. If you need to clean your shoes, use some other rugs or a shoe cleaner.
  • Keep dogs away from the rug. Their hairs might cause some allergy on your children or even pose some health risks such as asthma if left on the rug. There is also a tendency for it to combine with the rug itself making it difficult to remove.
  • Alternate the use of wool rugs. If possible, do not use all of them at once. You can use some for the first quarter of the year and replace it with another on the next quarter. This will give you time to thoroughly clean the other rug and let it rest for while. The next time that you are to use it, it will surely look as good as new.

Of course, you really care a lot about your home decorations. If you want to let them last long, it will also be you who can decide for it. For more cleaning tips as well as ideas on Rubbermaid closets, check out

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